Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fund raising to support tree planting trees, Mount Kilimanjaro nature conservation environment

Environment conservation at Kilimanjaro tree planting project reduces effects of Global warming, Snow melting. Please support, donate something.

My name is Andrew, aged 42 years and am Environmental conservation activist. I love Nature and like to educate people to love nature and conserve environment. My Exposure and Education gives me passion and power to run nature conservation movement. I have Degree of B.Sc. Wildlife Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Aim is to raise money to plant trees and restore Nature of Mount Kilimanjaro. Most of you people have heard of effects of global warming and Snow disappearance rate at Mount Kilimanjaro. Enough amount of humidity at Mount Kilimanjaro atmosphere keep snow and beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro. Cut down of forest for firewood, timber business and fire has reduced largely natural Kilimanjaro forest. Natural forest is one important environmental resource for atmosphere humidity and source of water for local community. If I go ahead explaining about this science, might boring you…Please go and peruse at our source Mount Kilimanjaro Recovery Club, http://mokirec2000.blogspot.com/.

My Journey to research and know about Mount Kilimanjaro began in 1994 when I completed Form four studies and engage in temporary job to raise money for school fees (form 5 & 6). I worked as Mountain porters assisting tourists to carry luggage and supply for trekking Kilimanjaro at a Tour Company. Then furthermore, in 2002, I was at Sokoine University of Agriculture and did survey with price water house coopers about Rombo public services, climate and Agriculture production. Then In 2001, did College wildlife special project about Elephant migration between Kilimanjaro National park and Amboseli Game reserve.

Further, I did survey with Brigham Young University (BYU) about local people attitude about Mount Kilimanjaro Conservation. Finally I wrote paper with Prof. Jeff from BYU. This proves that I have knowledge and information about situation and campaign to plant indigenous trees and restore natural forest of Mount Kilimanjaro, to rescue melting of Snow.

Money raised from this movement, will register an NGO, run environmental education through schools, Village wards so that people will understand why to conserve forest and why to volunteer on forest protection. Furthermore, fund will be used to prepare nursery, collect seedlings and care tree nursery, supply and plant indigenous trees which fit to Mount Kilimanjaro weather and soil.

Benefits of Mount Kilimanjaro conservation spread all over the World, because Mount Kilimanjaro is Natural World Heritage and top beauty climbing Destination in Africa. Snow of Kilimanjaro is one of attractions, Forest keep wildlife animals alive, wild flowers, waterfalls and source of water to communities around Kilimanjaro. UNDP, green peace, UNEP and UNESCO have support at Mount Kilimanjaro, but education to local people is important so that they participate at family level. That is why Am in now and have ability to do.

You can play your part by share this information at your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and WhatsApp groups. To empower this fund rising, please contribute from 1 $, 1 Euro, 1 Pound and more as much as you can. International Environment organization or any individual is invited to partner and spearhead further together.

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