Sunday, May 12, 2013

Climbing kilimanjaro for conserving environment

Climbing mount kilimanjaro trips to raise funds for mount kilimanjaro environmental conservation.

Travel to tourist destinations to enjoy natural world, conserving environment and improving well being of local people is called ecotourism.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a world heritage site as recognized by UNESCO. World heritage site means natural feature existing on earth which benefit all people around the world. Local people around kilimanjaro benefit from kilimanjaro existence through tourism and as a source of water while people from other continents visit Mount Kilimanjaro to experience its beauty and a lot of things to do like adventure.

So, this is where ecotourism plays part because tourists enjoy nature while conserving environment for future generations. This is responsible travel because tourists climb kilimanjaro or visit any other natural place without destroying environment. The tourists pay fees which goes to Government and also local people earn income through employment and selling locally made crafts and products. Government income provides social services like education and health.

The role of environment conservation is a participatory duty which involve all environment and tourism stake holders like Travel companies, tour operators, local people, government and conservation organizations.

For this case Mount Kilimanjaro recovery Club (MOKIREC) and Tour Operator named KILIMANJARO TRAVEL ADVENTURE SAFARIS LTD work as a team to raise funds for kilimanjaro conservation.

Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd organize cheap kilimanjaro climbing packages and then 10% of profit goes to help society to buy trees to plant at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbing kilimanjaro trips are affordable and meet budget of all tourists wishing to make it to kilimanjaro summit successful. This kilimanjaro trekking is cheap compared to other travel companies because we use local guides born at slopes of mount kilimanjaro and also local food produced from farms.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing guides are educated to form four and form six secondary education, then got certificate and diploma of Tourism in guiding and then Mountain climbing training. The guides have gone through practice and most of them have experience of 5 to 25 years. So Those mountain climbing guides with 10 to 25 years are chief guides which escort all mount kilimanjaro climbers while others are assistance guides. Feel free to ask and share your ideas, what do you think like.......

Apart from Kilimanjaro trekking, environmentalists activists are invited to send us email to contribute ideas and can also make DONATIONS. It is easier to make DONATIONS of little money from 5 to 10 US $ through online payment on DIXIPAY..... Dixipay will enable you to pay using your credit cards.



For registration of Kilimanjaro trekking, go down and send email.

Cheap Kilimanjaro climb deals are available through machame route, rongai route and lemosho route. These are climbing kilimanjaro routes recommended as trails of ecotourism values.


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