Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Forest Carbon Partnership meeting enhances Kilimanjaro Mountain forest conservation

Forest Carbon partnership meeting to find ways to raise funds for indigenous forest conservation.

Participants include World Bank, WWF, IUCN e.t.c. IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature helps the world to find convenient ways to conserve environment like forests grown locally. Eco tourism is encouraged to be practiced. Eco Tourism provides income and employment so that local people see benefits of forest conservation. Example Mountain climbing guides in Tanzania are employed to provide escort to tourists climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and hence get income. Kilimanjaro routes which offer best Ecotourism experience is Lemosho,Northern circuit machame and Rongai.World Wildlife Fund is another key partner in funding the forest conservation.

A REDD+ Country Participant is a developing country located in a subtropical or tropical area that has signed a Participation Agreement to participate in the Readiness Fund. Forty-seven developing countries have been selected to join the FCPF (18 in Africa, 18 in Latin America, and 11 in the Asia-Pacific region).REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation plus conservation and sustainable forest management) depend on Indigenous people to participate on climate change management.

Tanzania is rich in many natural forests like Mount Kilimanjaro,Ngorongoro conservation area, Mount meru, Eastern arch and southern highlands.Indigenous people are Forest environment key stakeholders for conservation. Empowering local people is important to conserve indigenous tree species.

Forest Carbon partnership aim is to reduce carbon from atmosphere hence reduce impacts of global warming like Kilimanjaro snow melting.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Green travel kilimanjaro trekking expeditions

Kilimanjaro trekking is one of green travel packages in Tanzania

Trekking kilimanjaro is one way of contributing to conservation of Mount Kilimanjaro. The entry fees paid by tourists helps the Government to raise funds for paying salaries to conservation experts.

Several kilimanjaro routes are recommended for Kilimanjaro climbing green travel program such as Machame, Rongai and Lemosho. These kilimanjaro routes have ecotourism ethics and maintain nature beauty tours.

Travel packages for climbing mount kilimanjaro include machame 6 days kilimanjaro trek,rongai route 6 days kilimanjaro climb,lemosho route 7 days kilimanjaro climb and 7 days machame.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources - YES

Natural resource conservation is important activity for present life and life of future generations. Mountains host most of natural forests in the world. Most important benefits of forests are source of water, to keep beauty nature intact, home to wildlife and weather buffer.A living example is Mount kilimanjaro forest. Mount kilimanjaro forest is a source of water, it has wildlife, it is a tourist attraction and kilimanjaro forest is a buffer for weather stability and hence helps to maintain Kilimanjaro snow

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nature environmental conservation around Kilimanjaro, climb and trek kilimanjaro

Environment conservation for nature around Kilimanjaro.

Local community around mount kilimanjaro like to conserve nature by planting indigenous trees. Natural forest at slopes of mount kilimanjaro provides respiration to maintain humidity and hence keep Kilimanjaro Snow.

Local community belong to Chagga tribe which understands advantage of mount kilimanjaro conservation. Tourism is the main activity which earn income to local people. Chagga youths escorts tourists to climb kilimanjaro and get salary. Hotels at slopes of Mount kilimanjaro are owned by local people.

Hotels offer comfort accommodation for mountain climbing trips. Budget hotels offer delicious meals and style night.