Friday, January 20, 2012

weather in Moshi town, kilimanjaro. Global warming- fund raising to plant trees, budget travel, cheap flights booking

Global warming
Moshi town is facing major effects of global warming

Climatology shows that Kilimanjaro region has tremendous increase of Temperature. Moshi town temperature ranges from 28 to 35 in October to March. Moshi is located at Latitude: 03°21'S Longitude: 037°44’E and its Elevation: 813m, 2667.

Global warming affects snows of Kilimanjaro among other nature wonders. Planting trees at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro reduces carbon dioxide and hence atmosphere above Kilimanjaro can be cool, to lower temperature at Kilimanjaro atmosphere is important so that snow does not melt fast. Kilimanjaro Snow is one of reasons why people travel far to climb Kilimanjaro.Kilimanjaro snow is one of major Kilimanjaro attractions. Booking Kilimanjaro trekking main goal is to see all Geographical attractions such as Forest, Wildlife, Volcano, Volcano rocks, Volcano craters, glacier and Snow at Summit.

Among Kilimanjaro region districts, Moshi is hottest.
Snow melting and glacier disappearing is a result of pollution of atmosphere.
How to stabilize weather and reduce Moshi Town Temperature? First of all we should understand that deforestation of natural indigenous trees around Mount Kilimanjaro and natural forests caused temperature increment. Trees create and provides micro climate and stabilize temperature.

Since people cleared natural trees and replaced with few exotic trees, this has destroyed the stability of weather around the region.Residents of Kilimanjaro Region have to retreat to afforestation, planting indigenous trees to all their farm land plots, open places, slopes of Kilimanjaro, burnt forest areas and all places.Environment conservation, forest protection and Mount Kilimanjaro conservation is important.Environmental conservation fund is provided by fees paid by tourists trekking Kilimanjaro.

Fund raising efforts are concerned to raise money to help establish tree nursery and distribute. Climbing Kilimanjaro expeditions are organizes to accomplish fund raising. Kilimanjaro trekking trips are organized and tourists from all over the world are invited.

Hiking Kilimanjaro trips will be organized in all climbing Mount Kilimanjaro routes. Kilimanjaro climbing routes involved will be machame route, rongai trail, lemosho glades, marangu route and Shira route. Join groups to trek Kilimanjaro and save money, travel event to climb Kilimanjaro is on 11 January and 20 February. Register for this travel event for budget travel and cheap tours. Booking this trip is easier and pay by Credit card.

Budget Kilimanjaro tours are available, welcome to participate and make Kilimanjaro green. This is real ecotourism event whereby responsible travel ethics will be practiced. Responsible travel natural trails will be guided by mountain guides. All these Kilimanjaro trekking routes will be reverted to high ecotourism status. Volunteers are welcome to help educate local people on environmental awareness. Volunteers will also volunteer to plant trees and teach environment science to secondary schools and primary schools.

Mountain climbing tours are on budget planning and welcome all.

For Volunteers to help plant trees welcome,write to us:

To participate in fundraising email:

Trekking Kilimanjaro to the Kilimanjaro Summit is main goal of booking Kilimanjaro adventure. Budget travel packages include Machame, Rongai and Lemosho. Moshi trekking base camp have cheap accommodation on cheap tourist hotels with international quality standard


  1. Great News on environment conservation on Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Get involved, participate as a climber or volunteer.

    Climb kilimanjaro with local guides

    Plant trees with students and locals

  2. I beleive if everyone planted a tree on climbing kili we would be looking at 20k trees a year and more. Thats a lot of trees in a 10 year span. Cheap mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour

  3. Planting a tree is the best activity we could share to help our environment. This is really great news and hopefully I could join in that activity. Thanks.

    Kirstz | tree planting Philippines

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